show onboarding

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Working closely hand-in-hand with our expert production team, podcasters will have access to 360 assistance; everything from show writing to post-production, business development and promotions. Podcasters are able to exercise full creative direction and reach for the stars...

Video Production


  • Conceptualization

  • Show Writing

  • Media Research

  • Script Assistance

  • Graphic Design

  • Studio Venue

  • Guest Facilitation

Recording Studio


  • Audio Editing

  • Video Editing

  • Business Development / Sponsorships and Partnerships

  • Social Media (Content Creation and Management)

Editing a Movie
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The Process


Prepare your show profile, pitch deck and stats.


We want to know what makes your show unique, and what your goals are.


Submit your show profile and other documents to our network manager.

For questions and concerns, you can message our official social channels.


Check your inbox for an email regarding meeting schedule for the initial pitch.

Our team is available Tuesday to Friday from 11AM to 8PM.


Shoot your shot!

Attend the pitch meeting and start your podcast journey with Cut! Print Podcast Network.