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Chubby Cheekas

Self love and self care, brought to you by the some of the loveliest ladies on the planet. Catch your community favorites, Chubby Cheekas, every week.


Janella Carillo AKA Chanella 

Sammy Monserrate AKA Chammy

Growing up, Janella Carillo realized that she never saw anyone who looked like her in the media - fat, bouncy, and full of energy. With the lack of representation for the fat community in the Philippines, Janella, together with her co-host Sammy Monserrate, decided to launch a podcast that will serve as a voice for those people who are rarely represented. And just like a brain fart, Chubby Cheeka was born. 


Janella also known as Chanella and Sammy also known as Chammy, aim to empower not just the plus size people but those with different body types as well. Whether they are girl, boy, bakla, tomboy, butiki, or baboy, Chubby Cheeka is with them for all the light and heavygat moments of their lives.


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