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MJ Racadio

Blogtalk Hollywood is America’s first Fil-Am Hollywood entertainment podcasting show where blogging meets podcasting. It is hosted by MJ Racadio, who’s an award-winning Social Media Reporter of the Year 2016, EBC International Correspondent of Net 25, and a Miss Universe Blogger/Vlogger. 

With MJ Racadio being a celebrity blogger himself, his branding perfectly fits the objective of the show as he brings juicy and entertaining pop news from all the celebrities he gets to meet and talk about the personalities from all angles possible on-air—from the Oscars to the Golden Globes to more special events.

About the show

Blogtalk Hollywood your one stop shop for everything Hollywood, featuring exclusive interviews and content. It is a journey for MJ as he enjoys meeting different people from all walks of life and not just in the Hollywood hub but in other countries as well. The show also captures the inspirations that the celebrities share, making it meaningful and impactful for its listeners.

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