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Our Initiative

Cut! Print is a network created by the young, for the young and young at heart. Merging business and community-related initiatives, we seek to foster community in diversity, mutual respect, and support.


Founded in Pasay City in 2019 as a subsidiary of an award-winning indie film production house, Cut! Print Podcast Network has expanded its reach out of Metro Manila to Cavite, Lucena, New York and Los Angeles.

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As a queer, women-led network, we foster safe spaces for expression and creativity. Our aim is to be a platform where creators from different backgrounds and lifestyles are cherished for their unique perspectives on life.


& community

Bringing podcasting to mass-media platforms. We believe podcasting is not only a communication medium, but an art form that should be consumed and utilized by the Filipino people.


Here at Cut! Print, we focus on partnering up with organizations like the Cultural Center of the Philippines to make creating, listening to, and sharing podcasts more accessible.


the undiscovered

We love to expand outside the norm. Whether tackling topics that are on the niche end of the scale, or elevating a podcast delivered in a Filipino dialect, proper representation is something we hold close to our hearts.


the next gen

Through our programs with our academic partners, and our own internship program, we seek to help the next generation grow and navigate the changing world of new media.


Our internship and immersion programs help students get a better grasp of the production industry through flexible, hands-on experience in various fields like show development, content creation, audio and video editing, business development and more.

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Our History

Cut! Print. Productions is an award-winning indie film production house (Interfilm, Cannes Short Film Corner, Gawad Urian, Cinemalaya, Short+Sweet and more).

Focusing on socio-political films, we are home to works such as "Tarang" and "Nakaw". With more than 20+ years of combined experience in both video production and online marketing, our clients range from corporate to entertainment.